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Giuseppe Muscarella

Giuseppe Muscarella


IT ENGINEER: Digital forensic analyst, Data Protection consulting

Giuseppe Muscarella

Giuseppe Muscarella graduated with honors in Computer Engineering from the University of Palermo and qualified for the the profession of Engineer in 2006.

For years he has been working close to  prosecutors, judges, lawyers, individuals and companies, as Digital Forensics Expert in criminal and civil proceedings.

As Computer forensics expert he works closely with the Judicial Police Force, actively participating in the seizure of computer data owned by companies or individuals.

He also regularly advises companies and corporation at any stage of digital forensics investigation which require expert reports on company-owned equipment relating  to workers and employees misconduct.

He is a teacher of computer science at the Institute Don Bosco Ranchibile in Palermo and also in charge of responsible for the security of the information and data treatment. From 2013 he is a APM (Access Port Manager), who is a technical referee for to the GARR network, which is the Italian telecommunication network of the Universities and researchcenters.

Giuseppe works as a systems administrator- Server Microsoft and Apple – for several law firms and companies.

His area of expertise include:

- Forensic Data Analysis;

- Data retrieval and data acquisition from computer, internet, networks, embedded systems;

- Forensic Identification (facial recognition and  comparison);

- Mobile device forensics, analysis and data retrieval from phones, Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, etc;

- Malware analysis;

- Expert advice on telephone eavesdropping and electronic surveillance;

- Cyber Risk Services for companies and corporations, penetration tests, computer and networks security analysis;

- Web / Internet / Email monitoring;

- Forensic Investigation and expert reports in the case of theft of informationand document, information leakage, infringment of professional secrecy;

- Forensic Consultancy in the field of disciplinary complaints to disloyal employees;

- Consultancy on privacy and data protection.

He is an italian native speaker and speaks fluent English.