Practice Areas

International Law Firm Arnone&Sicomo: Practice areas

The International Law Firm Arnone & Sicomo was founded after an accurate analysis of the most recent economic and social phenomena which reflected the changing needs of individuals and companies that, in an increasingly globalized era resulting from new technologies and means of transportation, act in various places as "citizens of the world".

Such needs can only be satisfied by pursuing a deep interdisciplinary approach in all areas of national and international laws, representing a step forward compared with the figure of the traditional legal advisor, who is required to use varying skills and approaches. Legal assistance offered by International Law Firm Arnone & Sicomo is significantly different from a mere legal support, and is able to meet the need of the modern client's, which require both interdisciplinary approach and high specialisation, which entails the development of close synergies among lawyers and technical advisers.

Our specialized team of professionals provide services to both Italian and foreign individuals and companiesrequiring international legal assistance in the field of: Criminal Law and Criminal Business Law, Customs Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Data Protection Law, Probate and Family Law, Immigration Law, Tax and Financial Law, Administrative Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Insurance and Personal Injury Law, Canon and Ecclesiastical Law and litigation representation in European Institutions.

The International Law Firm Arnone & Sicomo provide clients with qualified legal assistance in all areas of law combined, if necessary, with excellent specialistic assistance in Tax, Finance, Banking, Engineering, Architecture, Computing, Forensic Psychology, Marketing and in all those issues related to euro-design and internationalization of enterprises.

Criminal Law 
- Crimes against the person (murder, manslaughter, grievous bodily injury, road traffic injury, brawl);
- Crimes against the family (breach of the obligations of family care, abuse);
- Offenses against the public administration (obstruction of a public official, corruption, embezzlement, extortion, abusive use of profession);
- Road Traffic offenses ( drink and drug driving)
- Property crimes (fraud, computer fraud, robbery, extortion, damaging, money laundering, receiving stolen goods);
- Financial, bankruptcy and corporate crimes (financial illegalities, false corporate communications to the detriment of the company, its shareholders or creditors, simple or fraudulent bankruptcy, market rigging, undue repayment of contributions to shareholders, unlawful distribution of profits and reserves, unlawul operations on company or parent company shares or quotas, reductions in the share capital or mergers or demergers in violation of legal provisions protecting creditors);
- Criminal and administrative offenses of market abuse (insider trading and market manipulation);
- Tax crimes (fraudulent misrepresentation, false communication, inaccurate communication concealment or destruction of accounting documents, unpaid withholdings or non-payment of VAT due, unpaid taxes, use in compensation of undue or non-existent tax credit);
- Cybercrimes (unauthorised access to a computer system, Unauthorized possession and diffusion of access codes to information technology or data transmission systems cyber-bullying, cyber stalking, phishing);
- Personal and patrimonial measures of prevention;
- Maritime Crimes (shipwreck, submersion or aircraft accident, abandoning ship, failure to comply with the safety of navigation rules);
- Environmental offenses (environmental disaster, construction and management of illegal dumping, environmental pollution, illegal waste traffic, intentional water);
- Juvenile criminal law;
- Claims for damages for unlawful detention;
- Transfer of convicted persons from / to Italy;
- Active and passive extradition procedures;
- Sex crimes (stalking and sexual violence);
- Crimes related to health and safety at the work place;
- Building and planning offences;
- Drug Crimes.

Real Estate and Property Law
- Legal advice on property purchase and sale of both movable and immovable assets located in Italy and abroad, at any stage of the transaction from the negotiation to the completion of sale;
- Legal advice on contracts, including rental agreements;
- Assistance with administration and tax compliance;
- Real Estate Due Diligence: a thorough investigation of an industrial, commercial or service corporation in order to evaluate a property for acquisition;
- Tax advice on international property transactions with the support of expert consultants;
- Legal assistance in real estate development projects (such as residential buildings and hotels), with the support of our skilled professionals;

- Legal assistance for the purchase of property in judicial auctions.

Corporate and Commercial Law
- European Antritrust Law;
- Commercial Contracts;
- Due Diligence;
- Sales of shares, corporate restructuring;
- Legal, administrative and strategic assistance to young entrepreneurs setting up innovative start-ups;
- Appeals against unfair trade practices;
- Abuse of dominant position;
- Trademark, copyright and design;
- Property leasing;
- Drafting and negotiation of franchise agreements;
- Mergers, de-mergers and / or acquisitions, carried out through the transfer of shares and other equity investments, or through the sale of companies or branches of companies or assets;
- Unfair competition and misleading advertising;
- Assistance with business planning for entepreneurs;
- Assistance in listing operations and placement of financial product;
- Assistance in the preparation of consob prospectuses;
- Assistance to entities supervised in sanctions proceedings initiated by supervisory authorities (such as the Bank of Italy and Consob);
- Technical and Linguistic Assistance to Italian and foreign companies in internationalization processes;
- Geopolitical Economics.

Customs law
- Disputes relating to any goods, vehicles, money or other property seized from customs authorities;
- Tax advice for international trade.

Bankruptcy law
- Bankruptcy proceedings;
- Assistance in insolvency proceedings and statement of liabilities;
- Appeal against judgments declaring bankruptcy;
- Bankruptcy discharges;
- Legal defense;
- Receiverships.

Tax Law

- Analysis of the irregularities established in connection with the income tax return statement;
- Legal representation before the competent tax offices;
- Taxpayer Assistance in the event of access, inspection and verification by the tax authorities;
- Appeal against precautionary measures, detention and mortgage;
- Appeals against taxes, payment orders, assessment notices, payment notice and imposition of tax penalties;
- Income tax, IRES, IRAP, tax on inheritance and donations;
- VAT, registration tax, customs duties;
- National and international tax planning in collaboration with external experts.

Litigation & Dispute resolution
- Commercial and residential real estate disputes;
- Property rights Litigation (property rights, guarantee rights, usufruct, etc);
- Appeals against the excessive length of proceedings;
- Appeals before the European Court of Human Rights;
- Claim for damages for unlawful notifications to the Central Risk Service;
- Claim for damages for Violation of Personality Right (privacy, image, defamation);
- Claim for damages for Pre-contractual and contractual liability;
- Claim for “loss of a chance” damages;
- Condominium dispute resolutions;
- Transactions;
- Disputes relating to obligations;
- Banking and financial arbitration;
- Right to be forgotten in the digital environment;
- Usury and compound interest;
- Legal assistance in voluntary process of Interdiction and Incapacitation and appointment of a support administrator.

Administrative Law
- Procurement;
- Building, planning and Environment;
- Expropriation procedure due to urban planning constraints;
- Competions;
- Public Sector Employment;
- Right to Education;
- Claims against public authorities;
- Pensions and benefits;
- Health Medical Law.

Employment & Pension law
- Undeclared work;
- Social security Litigation;
- Individual and collective redundancies;
- Disciplinary Sanctions;
- Intercompany Agreements;
- Insurance & Personal injury law;
- Medical Malpractice;
- Claim for compensation for Personal Injuries in Road Accident Cases;
- Ruined Holiday Complaints and Compensation;
- Sports Injury Compensation Claims;
- Personal Injury Compensation Claims for Workplace Accident;
- Property Damage Claim and Personal Injury.

Family Law
- Separation and Divorce
- Appeal to modify the divorce judgment;
- Recognition of foreign divorce judgment in Italy;
- International child adoption and legal custody;
- Assistance for the procedure of legal recognition of a child's biological father or mother;
- Recognition of a foreign adoption judgment;
- Legal Recognition in Italy of LGBT families (step-child adoption by one partner of a same-sex couple of the other's biological child);
- Protection and custody of children;
- Complaint against a decree attesting the absence of the requirements for adoption;
- Recognition of a foreign birth certificate in Italy for a child with same-sex parents and international public policy;
- Probate and Inheritance Law;
- Cross-border Inheritance Disputes, division of estates and donations;
- Legal advice on declarations of acceptance and renunciation of inheritance (including acceptance with benefit of inventory);
- Italian Statement of Succession and payment of taxes;
- Assistance for the release of funds deposited in deceased person's bank account;
- Private trusts, foundations, family offices.

Immigration law
- Procedure of deletion of personal data processed in the Schengen Information System;
- Procedure to obtain an entry visa for Italy and the Schengen area;
- Application for issuance and renewal of the residence permit;
- Application for the issuance of the self-employment work permit, employee work permit and family reunification visa;
- Appeal against the decision to refuse a VISA to Italy, order the expulsion of the requester or to obtain the italian citizenship;
- Application for the issuance of entry visa and residence permit to individuals interested in establishing innovative startups in Italy;
- Application for the issuance of entry visa and residence permit for EU and non-EU citizens who want to set up a business in Italy;
- Application for the the issuance of the residence permit for elective residence in Italy;
- Asylum and international protection;
- Assistance in the procedure about issuing elective residence VISAS and LONG-TER TOURISTIC VISAS (5 years) in case of residential real estate investments in Italy.

Debt collection
- European order for payment procedure;
- Alternative dispute resolution and drafting of settlement agreement;
- Enforcement proceedings (distraint of personal or real estate property).

Banking and Finance Law
- Analysis of typical and atypical contracts;
- Evaluation about the unlawful charging of compound interests, fees charged on the maximum usage of lines of credit and currency;
- Financial market regulation;
- Valuation of investments in financial products and compliance with the MiFID related to the applicable disclosure requirements;
- Assistance and advice on consob administrative offenses;
- Assistance on bankruptcy procedures and pre-bankruptcy agreements;
- Assistance and legal defense to banks and financial intermediaries;
- Assistance and defense to savers and investors who have suffered damages in their saving and investing activities;
- Invalidation procedures for securities lost;
- Injunction to obtain bank documents.

Canon and Ecclesiastical Law

- Advice and assistance on the process for the declaration of the nullity of marriage;

- Legal representation before any ecclesiastical tribunals at any stage and before the "Sacra Rota Romana" at the third instance of appeal;

- Recognition in Italy of the Church declaration of matrimonial nullity;

- Process for the dispensation of a ratified and non-consummated marriage;
- Advice and assistance in the field of canon administrative law (litigation for the removal of parish priests, etc.);
- Advice and assistance in the field of dispute of faithful, lay and religious people rights (brotherhoods, religious orders and congregations, etc.);
- Drafting or revision of documents, regulations, statutes.