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Pasquale Pillitteri

Pasquale Pillitteri


IT ENGINEER: web programmer, software developer, Android and iOS mobile apps developer, 

Pasquale Pillitteri

Pasquale Pillitteri obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo. His great interest about new technologies, led him to study computer science, with a particular focus on innovation, marketing and communication.

He is a developer of html web software, 5 jsp, php, mysql, javascript, jquery and angular, he has experience also as as developer of personalised software Java, C and C ++, Android and iOS mobile apps, as well as in network security.

Pasquale Pillitteri has acquired excellent computer skills in Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and GNU / Linux and Advanced Object Oriented (C ++ programming, Java, PHP), web programming with the use of HTML and CMS, Javascript and AJAX technologies, PHP, JSP and Servlet, Web Services RESTful, modeling and database management, FTP, TCP / IP, HTTP and HTTPS.

He has excellent knowledge in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, 3D graphics for the development of video games (OpenGL, Web GL), FPGA programming using VHDL language and experience with the application programs IDE Quartus and Xilinx, as well as in the field of digital security (encryption public / private key), digital certificates and digital signatures.

Having very clear the importance of team work value in every context, he gained very good transversal skills, acquired during his several associational experiences both within the university and in various socio-cultural environments, which have been useful to promote successful projects and goals that implied responsibilities: he is the Founding Partner of the “Vivere Ingegneria” Student association and Advisor to the Association “Vivere Ateneo”. Pasquale Pillitteri has been also an Academic Senator of the University of Palermo. Being strongly determined to create realities which have has a strong positive impact on social development and cultural growth of the territory where he was born and where he works, he decided to found the cultural Association LaLaPa and the socio-cultural association “Iniziativa Territoriale” .

He is also the Founding Partner of the Rotaract Club Palermo Mediterranea.
In the year 2018/2019 he was the Rotaract Representative of the District 2110 - Sicily & Maltain the social year 2018/2019, organizing the Rotaract  international event "MediCon - Mediterranean Conference" in Malta.

Pasquale Pillitteri, is an Italian native speaker, and he is fluent in English and knows French.