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Leila Hannachi

Leila Hannachi


ARABIC DESK BUSINESS DEVELOPER: Interpreter and translator Geopolitical economics and Internationalization strategies for S.M.E.

Leila Hannachi

Ms. Leila Hannachi obtained a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the Università di Catania in 2013.

In 2012 she obtained a master's degree in Didactis of Italian to Foreigners and New Technologies at Middlebury College, in Vermont (USA).

Between October 2013 and June 2014, she attended the Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes, in order to improve her knowledge of the Arabic language.

During the school year 2014 - 2015, she worked as an insegnante-tecnico-pratico (conversation teacher) of Arabic, at the Liceo Cipolla-Pantaleo-Gentile in Castelvetrano.

She will soon achieve a second degree in Intercultural Studies and International Relations at the Università degli Studi di Enna, Kore.

In 2016, she attended an intensive specialization course in Global Management at the Università di Enna studies, Kore, studying international trade and business management, and developing specific skills in: analysis and study of international economic scenarios, international marketing strategies, foreign trade techniques, international contracts, export financing, business plans for the internationalization, management in the tourism and agri-food sector, and law and accounting.

As an expert in internationalization strategies of companies in the Mediterranean area and as member of the team of the law firm Arnone & Sicomo, Mss. Leila Hannachi, provides her support and her technical and language skills in internationalization processes, to Italian and foreign businesses that turn to the law firm and are interested in activating interchange activities with the countries of the Mediterranean area, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.

As part of her studies, she has developed specific competences in the field of economic geopolitics.

Today, thanks to a strategic integrated economic vision of foreign markets, Mss. Leila Hannachi is able to offer to small and medium enterprises, which want to enhance their international competitive capabilities, internationalization strategies based on some preliminary analysis, such as:

- geopolitical and strategic analysis of foreign markets on which enterprises decide to invest;

- analysis of the foreign investment market risks.

In particular, Mss. Leila Hannachi:

- supports decision-making for businesses in the area of Sales and Marketing;

- helps the company management in the development and identification of sales channels and market opportunities in a given geographical area;

- performs market analysis;

- explores trends, hypothesizes future scenarios, consumer preferences and needs in a given commercial sector;

- entertains relationships with private customers or companies, recognizing their needs and collaborating with them to identify the products and/or services which best suit the development of commercial activity;

- manage customer satisfaction processes;

- design an integrated communication plan aimed on the one hand to support the marketing strategies and on the other to the consolidation of a strong and reliable corporate image building;

- organize events aimed at giving visibility to the image and products / services of businesses;

- know the processes and dynamics linked to the internationalization of business, in particular with regard to contracts, international payments, shipping etc.

Within this field of competences, Mss. Leila Hannachi also provides advice on economic geopolitics.

As an intercultural mediator, she cooperates with the law firm Arnone&Sicomo in the procedures relative to immigration law, as part of the adjustment process of the services offered to immigrant users and she operates in all situations of communicative and / or understanding difficulty between people of different cultures.

Mss. Leila Hannachi fluently speaks and writes the following languages: Italian, Arabic, English and French.