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Cristiana Girolimetto

Cristiana Girolimetto


CHINESE DESK BUSINESS DEVELOPER: Interpreter and translator

Cristiana Girolimetto

Cristiana Girolimetto is Italian native speaker, from 2013 works as a Chinese language professional liaison interpreter and translator in the field of luxury industry and Made in Italy, collaborating with some well-known international firms and growing experience in arts and the haute-couture market.

In 2005, after being awarded with a scholarship, she moved to Shanghai and took part in the annual intercultural exchange programme supported by American Fields Service (AFS). In China, she had the chance to live with a Chinese family, attended the Chinese school and developed a certain sensitivity towards the Far Eastern cultures.

In 2010, following a period of research in Beijing, she achieved her Bachelor's degree with honours in Oriental Languages and Civilizations (Sapienza, University of Rome) by submitting a thesis in historical-comparative linguistics.

Thereafter, she enrolled in the Beijing Foreign Studies University to train and refine her language skills and achieved the highest level of the Chinese language internationally recognized certification i.e. HSK 6.

In 2011, she applied and was awarded with the two-year scholarship by Hanban (Confucius Institute) and in 2013 fulfilled her Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Beijing Foreign Studies University), thus reaching an advanced level of spoken and written Chinese and relevant research skills (Chinese and English sources).

In 2013, she moved back to Europe and began her work as a Chinese language liaison interpreter and translator, while frequently travelling between Europe and Asia and growing experience in negotiations with Asian counterparts, the luxury industry and import-export operations.