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Antonio Liaci

Antonio Liaci


Facilitator of commercial relations among the European Union, Russia, the C.I.S. and China

Antonio Liaci 

Born in Gallipoli (LE) in 1984, after several years of working as a Chinese language and culture teacher at different universities of Latvia, he took the decision to exclusively deal with trading from China to the EU Countries, Russia and the CIS. Besides, he also provides consultancy services in the field of investment from and into China.   

In 2011, he achieved his Degree with honors at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Sapienza, University of Rome, by submitting a thesis on the 16th and 17th century Chinese philosophy and its influence on the rising literary genre of novel. In the same year he undertook a Chinese language training course at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (Beijing) and after one year of studies he moved to Latvia.

Starting from 2012 to 2015, he worked as a teacher and course leader of the  Chinese Language and Culture Course at the Graduate School of Law of the University of Riga, in collaboration with the diplomat Tjaco Van Den Hout, with a particular focus on business and diplomacy. In 2013, he was invited to lead the Chinese language and culture courses at Banku Augstskola School of Business and Finance in Riga.

Co-author of articles of legal linguistics subject in collaboration with world renowned researchers, as Professor Marcus Galdia, his interests are not only limited to the academic field. In 2013, he collaborated with the Vilgerts Legal Firm (at that time Magnusson's branch) in order to promote the immigration program into Latvia through corporate investments and investments in the real estate sector, and thus develop contacts with potential customers and facilitators on the Chinese territory. Such a cooperation made him frequently travel between the Baltic countries and China.

In 2014, together with Doctor Guido Sechi, he founded a consultancy company named TCD Consulting, meant to promote development of relations between Europe, Russia, the CIS and the Far East, from both an academic and economic point of view. 

After having achieved the Chinese Language Proficiecy Test HSK6, he was awarded with a scholarship at the South China Normal University (Guangzhou, China), where in 2015 he achieved his Master's Degree in Chinese Language Teaching with honors, by submitting a thesis of comparative linguistics topic. Meanwhile, he became co-owner of the trading and import-export service company named Guangzhou Relycom Trading Co., Ltd., based in Mainland China, and of its partner company China Darli Co., Limited, based in Hong Kong. He currently lives in Guangzhou on a permanent basis, and there he undertakes his activity as trader and facilitator of commercial relations between EU, Russia, the CIS and China.

Of Italian mother tongue, he is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, English and Latvian. He has also knowledge of Russian.