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International Law Firm Arnone&Sicomo

The International Law Firm Arnone & Sicomo was founded by two lawyers, Gioia Arnone and Donatella Sicomo, who decided to create a dynamic and efficient network of lawyers and highly skilled consultants, offering legal assistance in all areas of law even in particulary complex matters equiring interdisciplinary skills.

The Firm offers Italian, English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese and Arabic speaking clients qualified legal assistance in a wide area of international legal affairs.

International Law Firm Arnone&Sicomo: Practice Areas

Our specialized team of professionals provide services to both Italian and foreign individuals and companies requiring international legal assistance in the field of: Criminal Law and Criminal Business Law, Customs Law, Maritime and Nautical Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Data Protection Law, Probate and Family Law, Immigration Law, Tax and Financial Law, Administrative Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Insurance and Personal Injury Law, Canon and Ecclesiastical Law and litigation representation in European Institutions.

The International Law Firm Arnone&Sicomo offer each customer a targeted and qualified legal advice, guaranteeing a top service in terms of confidentiality, commitment and professionalism.

A strong, competent and efficient network of lawyers

The International Law Firm Arnone&Sicomo provides its customers with an excellent and innovative service, through a deep understanding of their needs.

The idea of creating a dynamic and efficient network among lawyers and consultants takes from here. A kind of legal assistance that ranges across all areas of law, completed with a variety of complementary services, in particularly complex mattersr equiring interdisciplinary skills.

Having developed solid strategic partnerships with the most renowned Italian law firms with offices throughout Italy, the International Law Firm Arnone & Sicomo offer individuals and companies legal assistance and representation in all Italian civil, criminal, tax and administrative Courts of first and second instance, as well as in the Supreme Courts.

Having extended links with other leading international Law Firms based in Barcelona, Bruxelles, Istanbul, London and Luxembourg, to offer wider top-quality legal services to its clients.

Thanks to this solid partnership, the International Law Firm Arnone & Sicomo can represent clients in the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice, the European Union Court and in English, Spanish, Luxembourgish and Turkish Courts.

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