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Giuseppe Serio

Giuseppe Serio


Litigation and Dispute Resolution - Personal injury Law

Giuseppe Serio

Giuseppe Serio graduated in Law in 2004 from the University of Palermo. He is enrolled since 2009 with the Bar Council of Termini Imerese.
Having completed a solid traineeship in the field of civil law, over the years he has developed specific expertise in the field of family law, labor law, insurance law and civil litigation

With regard to the civil litigation Giuseppe Serio has gained a significant expertise in the field of debt collection both in judicial (injunctions, writs of execution, foreclosures, enforcement proceedings and bankruptcy proceedings) and extrajudicial proceedings. In this area of law he is experienced at providing assistance to foreign companies who need to recover the outstanding amounts from Italian companies.
He also deals with the European order for payment procedures.

Giuseppe Serio also has specific expertise in family law and in the procedure for recognition in Italy of foreign divorce judgments. He also has experience in labor law, especially in the social security and undeclared work areas.
Over the years he has focused his practice in the field of insurance law, in particular regarding claims for damages and civil liability arising from road traffic accidents and professional negligence, especially medical malpractice. Giuseppe Serio has also experience in assisting clients for matters related compensation for damage caused by skiing or workplace accident.

He assists clients in relation to actions for equitable damages based on infringement of the reasonable time duration of the process and in general for any proceedings before the European Court for Human Rights.

He is also enrolled in the lists of defenders who represent legal aid clients.

He speaks Italian and English.

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