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Giuseppe Buscaino

Giuseppe Buscaino


MARITIME DESK: Purchase and sale of ships, port crimes and claims, Port State Control inspections, environmental crimes in the maritime sector

Giuseppe Buscaino

In 2013 Giuseppe obtained his master's degree in Sciences of Government and Administration of the Sea (Interfaculty between Law and Naval Engineering), at the naval academy of the Italian Navy in Livorno.

During his academic studies, he enriched his knowledge of Maritime Law, working at the offices of the Italian Coast Guard and on several military and merchant ships.

In 2012, he worked as an Italian delegate at the European Maritime Safety Agency in Lisbon (Portugal), where he worked to control and report the European Commission on the effective application of the maritime community legislation of some European states.

Since 2012 and for two years, Giuseppe worked at Navigation2nd in Livorno, a leading company in Europanel in the sector of safety of navigation, where he took care of the quality-control standards and of the correct application of the international Solas, Marpol, STCW legislation.

From 2014 and to date, he is a professor of Maritime Navigation and Logistics at the High School R.D’Altavilla of Mazara del Vallo and works as a teacher and consultant for navigation safety at the Antemarcenter in Marsala.

Giuseppe is a consultant in international maritime law, navigation and provides consultancy in the naval field.

He is an italian native speaker and speaks fluent English.

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