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Francesca Raia

Francesca Raia


ARCHITECT: Designer for houses and building renovations - Safety coordinator - Technical assistant

Francesca Raia

Francesca Raia graduated with honors in Architecture from the University of Palermo and she qualified as an architect in 2006.

In 2011 she successfully completed her PhD in History of Architecture and Conservation of Architectural Heritage.

In 2006 she obtained the qualification of Safety Coordinator in temporary and mobile construction sites from the Order of Engineers of the Province of Palermo.

Since 2007 she has participated in a number of international meetings, conferences and seminars with the purpose of a continuous professional updating both in the private and in the public works field.

Between 2005 and 2012 she collaborated as a consultant with Studio Ingegneri Associati  with responsability of the planning and safety coordination in the  design phase of public and private works.

From 2013 Francesca has been working with Studio di Ingegneria e Architettura SIA Service  of Palermo (operating in the technical, building and installation systems field for the execution of public and private works) as a technical expert in the public and private procurement, dealing with the Supervision of works, Construction Management, checking on the progress made in implementing projects , planning and safety coordination in the design phase, Interior and Exterior design.

Her area of expertise includes: estate management, Inheritance matters, title changes and cadastrial transactions, property valuations and Expert technical report in out of court proceedings, Energy Certificates, Evacuation and Safety Plans, urban planning matters and Granting of consents and building permits, issuing opinions from territorial bodies such as the Superintendent, Civil Engineers and Land and Environment.

From 2012 until today she has been  technical director for the ConsoRes srl Company of Palermo.

Between 2005 and 2012 she has been been recognised as an expert of the subject  "Modern and Contemporary History of the Town Planning", Faculty of Architecture of the University of Palermo.

In 2009 she completed a traineeship in Vienna at the Institut fur Kunstgeschichte where she carried out some researches on medical equipment used during the late nineteenth century in Vienna and the sanatorium Pukersdorf (1903) J. Hofmann

From 2011 until 2013 she worked as a professor of the course “History of Town Planning” at Faculty of Architecture of Palermo, in the local branch of Agrigento. 

In May 2013, she was awarded ex aequo the "Premio Enrico Guidoni" award, first edition 2012, organised by the Associazione Storia della Città - Rome with the essay "the founding geometrisation" (1885) of Filiciuzza development in Palermo: usual practice and urban expansion after Italian Unification.

Other publications include: F. Raia in, M. Marsala, Incandela S., (eds), Exhibition Catalogue: "The Italian village in Kosovo: a project for Peace", Palermo 2008 - F. Raia in Marsala, MT, (eds), The Military Architectural Heritage in Palermo: old convents which became representative offices residences, City and Territory Department, Palermo 2009, isbn 978-88-90-48-49-02 - F. Raia, Ravanusa and the Barony of Bonanno (1621), in "The Treasure of the city “, Strenna of the Association of the City History, vol. VI, 2008/2010, Rome 2011, page 383-398.

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