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Giovanni Sarcì

Giovanni Sarcì


Criminal Law - Personal injury Law - Medical Malpractice - Banking and Finance Law 

Giovanni Sarcì

Giovanni Sarcì is a lawyer registered with the Bar Council of Palermo.

He gained considerable experience and professional skills working with one of the most important  law firm in Palermo specialised in various areas of criminal and insurance law.

He is experienced at providing advice in the field of economic and financial crimes with reference to both corporate and private areas.

He assists clients in all areas of drug related offenses, medical malpractice and workplace related matters (Labour and criminal law).

He focuses his practice on legal issues concerning insurance law and he provides expert advice to victims who suffered an injury as consequence of a road, skiing and workplace accidents.

Giovanni Sarci has demonstrated several times the depth and breadth of its mediation expertise in reaching favorable settlement agreements for his clients avoiding the time, cost and stress involved for both parties in a conventional legal proceedings.   

He also provides legal assistance to minors before the Prosecutor's Office and the Juvenile Court.

He is registered in Public Defender Service List and he can be appointed by the Court to provide legal aid to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation.

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