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Alberto Zannier

Alberto Zannier


Alberto Zannier

The lawyer Alberto Zannier graduated in law at the University of Ferrara in 2009.

From January to July 2011 he carried out forensic practice at the judicial offices of the Venice Criminal Court, specializing in Criminal Law.

From September 2011 to date, he is having the opportunity to deepen the issues of Civil Law, in particular Commercial and Corporate Law, Contractual Law and Bankruptcy law, as well as Labour law.

Member of the Bar Association of Venice since 2015 and enrolled in the list for Legal Aid since 2017, Alberto is a defender before the Ordinary Court, the Court for Minors and the Surveillance Court of Venice.

Alberto also assists companies in criminal matters with the aim of preventing the risks inherent in carrying out the business activity. In particular, he guarantees preventive and procedural assistance with regard to:

- liability for crime - intentional or negligent - committed by employees or directors of the company;

- health and safety issues in the workplace (with particular attention to injury and manslaughter;

- "voluntary disclosure".

He is an italian native speaker, is fluent in English and French and knows German and Spanish.

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