Laura Muscarella

Laura Muscarella



Laura Muscarella 

Laura Muscarella graduated in July 2005 with a master’s degree in evolutionary psychology from the University of Palermo.

She is member of the Order of Psychologists of Palermo since 2007.

She has an extensive experience in child psychology field with particular focus on learning difficulties. She has been working for years to provide counseling, diagnosis and psychological support to young patients with risks factors of evolutionary nature, women victims of sexual violence and children victims of abuse.

She devotes most of her time working as a counselor within the forensic area, and in particular as court-appointed technical expert at the Court of Palermo and technical expert for one of the parties in civil litigation regarding separation and divorce. She is also an expert on the assessment of biological damages from a psychological view. 

She actively works with lawyers providing technical advice in all insurance law matters which relate the assessment of psychological, moral and existential damages suffered by a person as a result of a harmful event occurred such as a car accident.

Her areas of expertise include:

- Technical consultancy as part of the civil proceedings (assessments of parenting skills, separations and adoptability);

- Assessment  of biological damages;  

- Advice for separation;

- Advice for child custody;

- Technical consultancy as part of the criminal proceedings (assessments of capacity to understand and discern, advice on  abuse and harassment cases);

- Psychological evaluation of juvenile offenders: capacity to understand and discern, psychological immaturity and imputability;

- Psychological evaluation on the child victim of crime: reliability of the witness and protected hearings;

- Parental capacity assessments;

Psychological assessment with testing applied in criminal forensic evaluations.

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